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The Five Points Festival is a collision of toys, comics, and counterculture curated by Clutter Magazine and presented by Midtown Comics. A designer toy and comic convention in New York’s Lower East Side, Five Points is two days and nights of comic artists and writers, vinyl and plastic toys, original art, resin, plush, blind boxes, graphic novels, indie comics, blanks, minis, kaiju, Japanese vinyl, posters, prints, apparel, food trucks, and craft breweries – capped off by the 2017 Designer Toy Awards. The antidote to the average con, Five Points brings tastemakers, misfits, and rebels together with the new, retro, and infamous in a one-of-a-kind marketplace.
We’re not a place to see movie premieres or get photos with TV stars. Big media-focused Comic Cons are great, but they’re not who we are. Five Points is a celebration of art and its creators – whether they make comics, toys, beer, or Korean vegan tacos.
The Five Points Festival takes place in Pier 36 in New York’s Lower East Side – 299 South Street. Also sometimes called Basketball City, Pier 36 sits right between the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. We’re blocks away from Mission Chinese, Meow Parlour, and the Metrograph, and right next to the East River.

The first Five Points is May 20-21, 2017, kicked off by the Designer Toy Awards the night before…

Friday, May 19
7:00 PM – Designer Toy Awards

Saturday, May 20
10:00 AM – VIP & Media Preview
11:00 AM to 8:00 PM – Open to the Public

Sunday, May 21
10:00 AM – VIP & Media Preview
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Open to the Public.

Take the F Train to the East Broadway Station. Walk East three blocks along East Broadway and then South on Montgomery five blocks. Boom. You’re there. You can also take the JMZ to Essex St, BD to Grand St, or NQR to Canal St to get in the neighborhood.

Want to drive to Five Points? You can, but note there’s no parking onsite. Nearby lots include Edison FastPark (95 Market Slip) and Champion Parking (2 Division St).

We’re building a marketplace inspired by one of New York’s most storied neighborhoods – the Five Points of Old New York. Five Points was an area of 19th century Lower Manhattan between Centre Street to the West, Bowery to the East, Canal Street to the North, and Park Row to the South – an area very close to where the Five Points Festival takes place.

The Five Points of old was a den of extravagance, lust, art, and outcasts, a place filled with radicals and dangerous thought… as well as some pretty dodgy sanitation.

While the physical Five Points of old is long gone, we know the independent spirit of historic Five Point is still alive in the rebel artists of today, and the Five Points Festival welcomes them home.

Yup! If you’re coming to Five Points from out of town, we’ve got special rates with a number of Lower Manhattan hotels. Grab a room in our hotel block to stay close and save some dough!

Yes, tickets are needed to attend the Five Points Festival and can be purchased online now. Tickets are available in day, weekend, and VIP flavors. Want to go to the Designer Toy Awards, too? Grab a VIP Pass to party with us.

Kids aged five and under can come for free. Kids six or older require a ticket. And before you bring your kids, please understand Five Points is a celebration of designer toys and comics that will feature everything from super cute to super adult – and there’s a specific section of the show floor devoted to 18+ exhibitors. Not everything at Five Points is appropriate for kids.
Absolutely. Please note that costumes must be appropriate to wear in public – if you can’t wear it on the streets of New York, you can’t wear it in Five Points. And don’t wear anything that’s sharp, pointy, or could hurt another attendee. Don’t be a jerk.
Cosplay is a huge part of convention culture, and we’re not looking to limit your creativity, but there are some things you can’t bring to Five Points.

Prop weapons are allowed at Five Points as long as they’re made of cardboard, foam, or something light. Prop firearms are allowed only if they can’t be mistaken for real weapons. The barrel of all prop guns must be covered with brightly-colored caps. Prop bows will be allowed providing all arrows have soft tips and will not be shot. No metal weapons, sharp weapons, blunt weapons, cap guns, airsoft guns, BB guns, or vuvuzelas at all.

We want everyone at Five Points to be safe, and if our staff feel you’ve got something that isn’t safe, we’ll store it in our Security Office for you.

Five Points is an open celebration of art and its creators, and harassment of any kind is the opposite of the community we want to be. Five Points is committed to fostering an atmosphere where attendees can count on a safe, inclusive, and rewarding experience – with zero tolerance for harassment, groping, stalking, and inappropriate photography. Harassment includes, but isn’t limited to, verbal defamation based on gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion; deliberate intimidation; following or stalking; forceful photography or recording; sustained disruptions; and nonconsensual physical contact or sexual attention. Harassment of any kind is unwelcome at Five Points and will not be tolerated.

There will be a dedicated morning queue space inside of the facility for those requiring special assistance before show opening. Please note, the special assistance line do not provide early access into the show or the ability to skip lines for giveaways or exclusives.

Note, Five Points Festival is completely wheelchair accessible; however, Five Points Festival does not provide wheelchairs.

If you have questions or need clarification, please send an email to info@fivepointsfest.com.

The Designer Toy Awards is the leading award honoring excellence and innovation in the designer toy world, a community that after more than a decade has become a prominent and legitimate form of artistic and commercial expression as well as a leader in global trendsetting. The DTAs celebrate the best of the industry’s artists, designers, and brands and honor those involved in championing designer toys throughout the world. Members of the DTA Board select the majority of finalists and winners in each category from the nominees, however you – fans and collectors – determine finalists and, in some cases, winners by voting for the nominated work, individual, or brand you believe is the best. Each year, the DTAs bring together designer toy makers from all over the world. Established in 2011, the DTAs are presented by Clutter.
The Designer Toy Awards is a separate evening event during the Five Points Festival, and day and weekend tickets do not include entry into the awards. Wanna go to the DTAs? Grab yourself a VIP Pass, which includes the DTAs and a number of additional perks.

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