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The Five Points Festival will bring tastemakers, misfits, and rebels together with artists, makers, brands, and retailers who create or sell comics, vinyl and plastic toys, original art, resin, plush, blind boxes, graphic novels, indie comics, blanks, minis, kaiju, Japanese vinyl, posters, prints, and apparel. Wanna take part?


Join creators, brands, and retailers at the intersection between designer toys and comics at Five Points! We offer booths, half booths, and larger pavilions – depending on your need – and we’re happy to speak about how best to feature you at Five Points. Please note, though, Five Points is a curated experience, and we’re happy to speak, but you must be approved to take part. Apply now!

Already exhibiting at Five Points?

Tell your fans about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click here to access the Vendor Promo Kit where you’ll find graphics and logos to use when promoting the show.


Artist Alley

Artist Alley is an area of Five Points reserved for creators who hand draw or hand make art – whether in comic or toy form. Are you an individual who creates comics, toys, webcomics, or original art? Click here to apply for our Artist Alley now! We’ve got a limited number of Artist Alley tables left, and if you’d like to rub elbows with emerging creators and titans, let us know by April 28!

Food & Beverage

Own a food truck, are you a chef, work at a brewery? We love craft food and beer, and we work with Food & Beverage exhibitors a little bit differently. Please send us a note to chat!

A Curated Experience

You can’t bring bootleg DVDs, you can’t come in with a tower of T-Shirts, and you can’t sell a wall of POPs at Five Points. We’ll talk to you more after you apply, but understand up front that Five Points isn’t a flea market, and we’re selective in what can be displayed and sold inside.


Please reach out to John O’Marra by phone (203-537-3664or email (john@fivepointsfest.com) to start a conversation!

Current Exhibitor List

1000 Toys // Powercore 1000toys.jp/
5149 & 1/2 Art https://5149andahalfart.com/
A1 Plastik www.a1-plastik.com/
Absolute Comics https://absolute-comics.myshopify.com/
After Midnight Studios http://aftermidnightstudios.com
Amanda Louise Spayd http://amandalouise.com/
Amok Time amoktime.com
Anywhere Knowledge anywhereknowledge.com
Angie Mason angiemason.com
Blind Heart Company http://blindheart.co
Bluu Dreams bluudreams.com
Bob’s Comics and Zines
Brandon T. Snider cootiekid.com
Brutherford Industries https://www.brutherford.com/
Buff Monster // Stay Melt https://buffmonster.com/
BumbleBee Studios Facebook.com/bumblebeestudiosart
Capital Sports & Decor http://capitalsportsdecor.com/
Cave Geek Art https://www.cave-geek.com/
CBCS https://www.cbcscomics.com/
Cherry Moth Cake https://cherry-moth-cake.myshopify.com/
Chris Ryniak http://chrisryniak.blogspot.com/
Citizen Brick https://citizenbrick.com/
Clutter Magazine www.cluttermagazine.com
Collector’s Toy Den collectorstoyden.com
Colorworld http://colorworld4.mybigcommerce.com/?ctk=NE8KS6ZQJD48388OV3OYMC
Comet Debris http://www.cometdebris.com/
Concrete Jungle concretejunglestudio.com
Covetly https://www.covetlyapp.com/
Creature Entertainment http://creatureentertainment.com/
Creatures of Delight http://creaturesofdelight.com/
Dave Perillo http://montygog.blogspot.com/
DC Collectibles www.dccollectibles.com
Dead Zebra & Squibbles INK deadzebra.com
Death Cat Toys http://deathcattoys.bigcartel.com/
Defendinisart http://steven-defendini.format.com/
DesignerCon // 3DRetro designercon.com
Doom Co // Green Plastic Tunnels http://greenplastictunnels.bigcartel.com/
Easily Amused easilyamusednyc.com
Evolution Comics https://www.facebook.com/EvoComicsInc/
Fantastic Toy
Fenway Fan (IOO Studio LLC)//Zhi Luo//Kama Yang http://www.fenwayart.com
Forward Comix http://www.forwardcomix.com/
Gary Ham http://www.superham.com/
Geeks OUT//Flame Con https://geeksout.org/
Golden Memories Comics http://www.goldenmemoriescomics.com/
Gotham City Films www.heroes-haven.com
Gravy Toys // Bwana Spoons //Brodarrfest, with Cop A Squat Toys, Liverad Studios, and Zac Amendolia http://www.gravytoys.com/
Grizlli Atom // Black Drove // EPSW http://grizbizniz.bigcartel.com/
Gs2 – Good Swag Corp, with Dr. Barnaby Ruhe, Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro, and Glen Wernig http://streetartnyc.org/blog/2012/10/04/speaking-with-kr-one/
Guumon http://www.guumon.com/
Heroes In Action www.heroesinaction.com
Horrible Adorables http://www.horribleadorables.com/
House of Darkly http://www.houseofdarkly.com/
Huck Gee huckgee.com
Ian Glaubinger www.hasUnow.com
Instinctoy http://instinctoy.com/
ISH https://www.justinishmael.com/
J&S Collectibles https://www.facebook.com/jandscollectibles/
James Groman http://jgroman.blogspot.com/
Jason Freeny http://moistproduction.com
Jeff Lamm http://www.greasebat.com/
kaNO http://www.kanokid.com/
Kid Robot https://www.kidrobot.com/
Jack Kirby Museum – Jack Kirby 100th Birthday Celebration http://kirbymuseum.org/
Lagunitas Brewing Company lagunitas.com
Larry’s Comics, Inc. larryscomics.net
LISA Project http://www.lisaprojectnyc.org/
LOCKNESTERS locknesters.com
Lost4toys lost4toys.com
Lulubell Toy Bodega https://www.lulubelltoys.com/
Martian Toys https://martiantoys.com/
Matthew Lineham mlinehamart.com
MDBX Studios https://www.instagram.com/mdbxstudios/
Mecha Zone http://www.mechazone.com/blog/
Metro Orange Art http://www.metroorangeart.com/
Midtown Comics http://www.midtowncomics.com/
Mighty Jaxx https://mightyjaxx.rocks/
Mishka//L’Amour Supreme https://shop.mishkanyc.com/
MrMarsStudios mrmarsstudios.com
MTC https://www.instagram.com/mtctoys/
Mutant Vinyl Hardcore // Deaths Vault http://www.mutantvinylhardcore.com/
Nugglife http://www.nugglifeny.com/
Onamatopoeia Art https://www.onomatopoeia-art.com/
One-Eyed Girl https://www.instagram.com/kctararuj/
Outer Space Men http://www.theouterspacemen.com/
Paper + Plastick http://www.paperandplastick.com/home
Peter Kato https://peterkatoshop.com/
PIQ https://www.piqgifts.com/
Plasma Slug http://www.plasmaslugs.com/
Playcrafting https://www.playcrafting.com/
Rob Bruce//Popculturizm http://www.popculturizm.com/
Psychic Defense Network (Scarecrow Oven & Alex R. Kirzhner) http://scarecrowoven.com/
Quiver Cosplay Esty.com/thequivercosplay
Rampage Toys http://www.rampagetoys.com/
Reno Msad www.RenoMsad.com
Rick Sans/Beatninja http://ricksans.com/
Ron English // Popaganda www.popaganda.com
Sara Antoinette Martin // Skelecore http://skelecore.com/
Science Fiction Continuum sfcontinuum.com
See One http://www.seeoneart.com/
Shark Robot https://sharkrobot.com/
SideKick sidekicklab.com
Simone Legno//tokidoki Tokidoki.it
Snappy Ties snappyties.com
Sonicboombox http://sonicboombox.com/
Spitfire Labs http://www.spitfirelabs.nyc/
SubZero Comics http://www.subzerocomics.com/
Suckadelic http://www.suckadelic.com/
Sugar Fueled http://www.sugarfueled.com/
SUNGUTS http://www.sunguts.com/
Super7 http://super7hq.com/
Tara McPherson//Cotton Candy Machine http://www.thecottoncandymachine.com/
Tenacious Toys Collective & Nugglife www.tenacioustoys.com
The Yard : myplasticheart x kaNO x Boundless Brooklyn x ChrisRWK myplasticheart.com
Toofy Toys jayolearyart.com
Toy Tokyo, and Lev’s Hall of Fame www.toytokyo.com
Trippypins shoptrippy.com
TOYQUBE / JIM MCKENZIE http://www.toyqube.com/
TwelveDot Studios http://12dotstudio.com/
Updog Comics
Valiant Entertainment http://www.valiantentertainment.com/
VERS GRAFX vers718.com
Vincent Scala https://twitter.com/vincentscala
Wingbot https://www.wingbot.com/
Wize Guys Collectibles http://wizeguyscollectibles.com/
Xpanded Universe xpandeduniverse.com/
Yesterdays https://www.yesterdays.co/
Zenescope Entertainment http://www.zenescope.com/
Zukie Art Inc.//JCORP www.zukies.net www.jcorptm.com

Current Artist Alley List:

After www.after-comic.com
Alex Rivera alexriverainker.com
Alex Sanchez
Alex Solis oddworx.com
Alexa Cassaro http://alexacassaro.com
Alexander Lansang alexanderlansang.com
Alitha E. Martinez www.ariotstorm.com
Amanda Scurti & Wendy Xu amandascurti.com
Amit Chauhan www.achauhan.com
Amy Chu
Amy Reeder
Andrew MacLean
Annie Wu
Are You Dying? areyoudyingbrand.com
Arielle Jovellanos arielle-jovellanos.com
Ashley St.lawrence
BEER & COOKIES COMICS www.beerandcookiescomics.com
Ben Bishop www.bishart.net
Ben Kahn & Kathleen Kralowec Www.benkahncomics.com
Ben Templesmith
Bill Walko http://www.billwalko.com
BlahMamus! www.blahmamus.com
Brandon Montclare
Brendan McGinley www.brendanmcginley.com
Brian Kong www.briankong.com
Bronx Heroes Aworldwithoutsuperheroes.com
Café Grumpy cafegrumpy.com
CHOD chodartist.com
Chris Hastings
Chris Uminga
Chrissie Zullo
Christian DiBari
Clay McCormack
Cliff Chiang
Cody Andrew Sousa https://twitter.com/WhyImCAS
Comic BETA http://www.stephaniehovden.com
Corin Howell
Cory Levine
Cubeecraft & Glen Brogan Cubeecraft.com
Dave Fox www.davefoxart.com
David Gallaher
DChiuArt www.dchiuart.com
Dwayne Velasquez vdwayne.deviantart.com
Eddieinthecity Designs https://www.instagram.com/eddieinthecity/
Epyon5 www.epyon5.com
Erin Rosenzweig – All Nighter Productions upallnightstudio.com
Fabian Lelay Rocketsandpens.com
Fabrice Sapolsky + Will Torres www.fabricesapolsky.com
Feast© frankmontano.bigcartel.com
First Law of Mad Science Firstlawofmadscience.com
Frank Ape sinesart.com
Gabriel Pinto www.gubgubgub.net
Giovanni Valletta gvalletta.tumblr.com
Graig Weich of BeyondComics.TV www.BeyondComics.TV
Greg Needham- Mixed Signals www.thatgregneedham.com
HEYOUWITHEFACE www.heyouwitheface.com
Isaac Goodhart
Ivan Brandon
JaCo Tartaruga jacotartaruga.com
Jamal Igle
James Romberger
James Tynion IV
Jamie Fay http://jamiefayx.deviantart.com/
Janet Sung janetsungart.tumblr.com
Javier Cruz Winnik Www.instagram.com/thelearningcurv
Jeff Dekal
Jerry Ma www.epicprops.com
Joe Cosentino joecosentinodesign.com
Joe Harris
Joe Staton www.theartistschoice.com
Joven Tolentino jovenistheworst.tumblr.com
Justin Leiter http://www.justinleiterillustration.com
Keith Giffen www.theartistschoice.com
Kevin Raganit kevinraganit.com
Khary Randolph
Kjelshus Collins – Howaitogoburin Toy and Print Co. https://www.flickr.com/photos/kjelshuscollins/
KnitHacker http://knithacker.com
Kyle Kirwan www.kylekirwan.com
Leslie Hung
Let Me Be Frank www.frannksansoneart.com
Little White Octopus littlewhiteoctopus.com
Luca Pizzari lucapizzari.tumblr.com
Lynne Yoshii www.lynneyoshii.com
M. Victoria Robado (Shouri) www.shourimajo.com
Mags Visaggio
Matt Miner mattminerxvx.com
Matthew Lineham Mlinehamart.com
Matthew Petz matthewpetz.com
Matthew Summo MattSummo.com
Miawcomic Www.miawcomic.com
Michael DeNicola and Ryan Cruz https://www.michaeldenicola.org
Mike Altman www.mikealtman.com
Mike Capprotti – Illustrator https://www.artstation.com/artist/capprotti
Mike Henderson
Mike Lilly
Miss Bunny Mischief facebook.com/Missbunnymischief
MUMBOT http://ghosting.bigcartel.com
Munster Art Www.munstermunster.com
MYTHOGRAPHY COMICS http://miguelangelruizus.ipage.com/
Nadia “ToughSpirit” Burgess www.toughspirit.daportfolio.com
Natasha Tylosky, Turquesa Studios natashatylosky.com
Nick Justus Art nickjustusillustra.wixsite.com/nickjustusart
Part-Time Pigeon parttimepigeon.com
Patrick Thomas Parnell
Peter David www.theartistschoice.com
Plastic Fly: The Artwork of C. Spliedt www.plasticfly.com
Red Stylo Media Redstylo.com
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Rich Bernatovech www.drumfishproductions.com
Robo7.com: art of John bellotti jr Www.robo7.com
Rodney Ramos
Ronald Wimberly
RT VEGAS www.rtvegas.com
Rubbers www.rubbers-comics.com
Ryan Cady
Sarah Stern sarahstern.com
Sasha Yosselani
Scott Hanna www.theartistschoice.com
Sean Carlson seancarlsonart.com
Sean Galloway
Sean Gordon Murphy
Sha-Nee Williams https://shaneewilliamsart.squarespace.com/
Shauna Draws shaunadraws.com
Shrptooth- Allen Watson shrptooth.deviantart.com
SKAM2? www.SKAM2.com
Sop-Art Studio https://www.artstation.com/artist/sop_art_studio
Stephane Roux
Steve Chanks – Pin-Ups, Monsters and Rock & Roll stevechanks.com
Steve Ellis
Tainted Sweets http://taintedsweets.com
Tana Ford
Tee Franklin http://TeeFranklin.com
The Art of Kenya Danino www.behance.net/Foxi-Loxy
The Artist’s Choice www.theartistschoice.com
The Artist’s Choice www.theartistschoice.com
The Artist’s Choice www.theartistschoice.com
The Naughty Rabbit www.thenaughtyrabbit.etsy.com
The Peggy Hill Collective anarchydreamers.com
The_Scaredy_Cat https://www.instagram.com/the_scaredy_cat/
Those Creatures
TimClarkeToys www.totims.com
Tini Howard
Toby Cypress
Todd Comics www.toddmatthy.com
Trash Pins https://www.etsy.com/shop/TrashPins
Trevor Von Eeden
TSolArt TaraSolbrig.weebly.com
TurtleCaps http://www.turtlecaps.nyc
Versatile Comics http://www.minimoitoys.com/versatile-comics
Wayward Raven Media https://waywardraven.com/
Wizard Skull & Killer Acid wizardskull.com