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The Five Points Festival brings together tastemakers, misfits, and rebels, with artists, makers, brands, and retailers who create or sell comics, vinyl and plastic toys, original art, resin, plush, blind boxes, graphic novels, indie comics, blanks, minis, kaiju, Japanese vinyl, posters, prints, and apparel. Wanna take part?


Join creators, brands, and retailers at the intersection between designer toys and comics at Five Points! We offer booths, half booths, and larger pavilions – depending on your need – and we’re happy to speak about how best to feature you at Five Points. Please note, though, Five Points is a curated experience, and we’re happy to speak, but you must be approved to take part. Apply now!

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is an area of Five Points reserved for creators who hand draw or hand make art – whether in comic or toy form. Are you an individual who creates comics, toys, webcomics, or original art? Click here to apply for our Artist Alley now! We’ve got a limited number of Artist Alley tables left, and if you’d like to rub elbows with emerging creators and titans, let us know by May, 7th!

Food & Beverage

Own a food truck, are you a chef, work at a brewery? We love craft food and beer, and we work with Food & Beverage exhibitors a little bit differently. Please send us a note to chat!

A Curated Experience

You can’t bring bootleg DVDs, you can’t come in with a tower of T-Shirts, and you can’t sell a wall of POPs at Five Points. We’ll talk to you more after you apply, but understand up front that Five Points isn’t a flea market, and we’re selective in what can be displayed and sold inside.


Please reach out to one of our sales reps to start a conversation!

Josh Kimberg (646-462-6278) or email josh@clutterstudios.com

Miranda O’Brien (917-374-9560) or email miranda@clutterstudios.com

Sarah Booz sarah@clutterstudios.com

Current Exhibitor List 2018:

5149 & 1/2 Art www.5149andahalfart.com
BigC www.bigcisme.com
Creeping Death Robot Club www.creepingdeathrobotclub.com
Clutter Magazine www.cluttermagazine.com
Comet Debris www.cometdebris.com
Horrible Adorables www.horribleadorables.com
Kyle Kirwan www.kylekirwan.com
Martian Toys www.martiantoys.com
Mighty Jaxx www.mightyjaxx.rocks
MrMarsStudios www.mrmarsstudios.com
One-Eyed Girl www.instagram.com/kctararuj/
Resin Underworld www.resinunderworld.com/
Outer Space Men www.theouterspacemen.com/
Sad Salesman www.sadsalesman.com/
SPLURRT! www.splurrt.com/
SUNGUTS www.sunguts.com/
Tenacious Toys Collective www.tenacioustoys.com

Current Artist Alley List 2018:

Artist Alley applications open now! To secure your space fill in an application here. You will be notified by May 7th, if you are accepted!